Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ireland 'a fundamentalist haven?

EU: A warning that Islamic fundie is on the move in Ireland by Iman.

Ireland has become "a haven for fundamentalism", one of the country's leading Muslim leaders has warned. Sheikh Dr Shaheed Satardien said there was an "ocean of extremism" spreading among Muslims throughout Ireland. "Irish Muslim leaders are failing our young people who are embracing fundamentalism," he told the Sunday Tribune newspaper. Leading Northern Ireland Muslim Abdul Al Jibouri said terrorism went totally against the beliefs of Islam. "It is very hurtful when people start talking about Islam and Muslim terrorists," he told BBC Radio Ulster's Sunday Sequence programme. "I have lived in Northern Ireland for many years and we had so many terrorists, but nobody said 'Catholic terrorists' or 'Protestant terrorists'." He added: "Islam does not encourage people to go and blow people up - this is based on fundamentalists and the way they interpret the Koran. "Terrorism and active terrorism is totally against Islam and I would be the first person to condemn it."

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