Thursday, August 31, 2006

Red Ken Livingstone doesn't like the negro coming off script.

UK: Another outburst by a white leftist who is furious Trevor Phillips(black), head of the Commission for Racial Equality who has talked about the failings of Multiculturalism.

Ken Livingstone last night sensationally accused the head of Britain's main race relations body of flirting with the BNP. London's maverick mayor said Trevor Phillips was "pandering to the Right" by criticising the failings of multiculturalism. He took the Commission for Racial Equality boss to task for speaking out against decades of Government-led attempts to promote differences between ethnic groups. Mr Phillips, a prominent figure in London Labour circles, has infuriated his political friends with his willingness to challenge some of the most cherished beliefs of the left. He is one of several prominent black Britons, including Archbishop of York John Sentamu and BBC newsreader George Alagiah, who have cast doubts on multiculturalism. But Mr Livingstone branded Mr Phillips a "self-publicist" who had "gone so far over to the other side that I expect soon he'll be joining the BNP".
BNP is your white power party which is trying to change its image as standing up for the white working class and has gained some ground in certain parts of England.
Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly last week became the first Labour minister to admit that the policy of promoting multiculturalism may have actually encouraged separateness and isolation in the Muslim community. Mr Livingstone spoke out on BBC London radio after Mr Phillips suggested the Notting Hill Carnival at the Bank Holiday was not a triumph of multiculturalism. He said: "I don't know where Trevor Phillips is going. When we had the first mayoral election and he was running to be mayor - he denounced me as being a racist because I said to him 'would you like to be my deputy?' "He'd had a brief sort of black power fling - and ever since then he's gone so far over to the other side that I expect soon he'll be joining the BNP." He said Mr Phillips was "trying to move the race agenda away from the celebration of multiculturalism and pandering to the right". He added: "I think I have to say it's an absolutely disgraceful record." Mr Livingstone accused the CRE boss of turning the organisation into a "vast press department" at the expense of legal work on individual race cases. "What he did was turn it into a vast press department and wound down all the legal work," he said. "I think Trevor's view is that he's achieving something if he's in the papers and that isn't the way it works. He's one of those people everyone is always expecting he'll go on to great things. I don't think he does the work," he suggested.
Over here, black people that stray off the liberal plantation are Uncle Tom, Oreo, over there you should be a member of the BNP because you dare to point out the failings of a concept that has made race relations worse off in the long run.
The dispute reflects the split on the Left about how to respond to public concern about the impact of immigration on Britain. Several senior Labour Party figures, including the former ministers Frank Field and John Denham, have insisted that the fears of poor white Britons worried about losing out to immigrants must be acknowledged rather than suppressed. John Reid, the Home Secretary, and Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, have called for a sober debate on immigration. However, others have said that this would be pandering to the far Right, and would only legitimise racism. A spokeswoman for the Commission for Racial Equality brushed off the attack. She said: “The CRE’s and Trevor’s views on multiculturalism have been well documented and well supported. Obviously, the mayor is entitled to his opinions.” However, Brian Coleman, the Conservative chairman of the London Assembly, defended Mr Phillips. “I demand an immediate apology, and can only express my utter embarrassment that a fellow elected politician can stoop to such spurious levels,” he said. “It just shows how out of touch the mayor is with race issues. Trevor Phillips is doing a sterling job in a very sensitive position, and for the mayor to suggest that Mr Phillips joins the BNP is an absolute disgrace. We should expect our elected officials to show some respect, and not resort to childish outbursts.”

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