Sunday, August 20, 2006

Spain's Zappo calls for help because of the mess he created.

Immigration: The idiot is in a panic because of the jump in illegal immigration from Africa.

The Spanish government has intensified calls for EU help in coping with the flow of illegal immigrants from Africa. Three more boatloads landed on the Canary Islands this morning, bringing the total number of people to have arrived since Friday to over 1,100. Over 17,000 have turned up on the holiday islands this year, searching for a better life. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said illegal immigration presented a serious, difficult and complex challenge. "The EU and the governments of the countries where the immigrants come from have to get involved," he said.
As pointed out before why did this happen?
According to the Canary Island Government, only 8 per cent of those who arrive by boat are repatriated. Of those who cannot be sent back, most are flown to the Spanish mainland and can be seen sleeping rough on the streets of Madrid and Barcelona. From there, many hope to reach France and Britain. Spain gave legal residence to more than 500,000 foreigners in an amnesty last year, boosting tax receipts from previously illegal workers. However, the Opposition has said that the move served to encourage thousands more to attempt the crossing. Authorities in the Canary Islands say that they cannot cope with the influx. “We urgently need the Spanish Government and the European Union to take charge of the situation,” Froilán Rodríguez Díaz says as he tries to find accommodation for another group of new migrants. “We can’t be forgotten; we’re not that far away.”

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