Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UN lackey whines about America's HIV aid effort in Africa.

Africa: America can't win unless we just give a blank check and let the UN decide what to do with the money.

US policy is undermining the efforts of African countries to fight the HIV epidemic, a leading UN figure has said. Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy on Aids, said President George Bush's $15bn Emergency Plan for HIV/Aids was too focused on promoting abstinence. He said Washington was practising "incipient neo-colonialism" by telling African nations how to fight Aids. He also accused the West of failing to deliver on funding commitments they had made to fight the disease. .....The Bush administration backs an "ABC" plan to fight Aids: Abstinence until marriage; Being faithful to one sexual partner; and if those conditions are not practised, the use of Condoms. In 2003, the US Government approved a $15bn package over five years to fight the spread of Aids. Abstinence programmes But the US Congress has stipulated that a proportion of the funds must be spent on encouraging abstinence-until-marriage programmes. Mr Lewis said abstinence programmes had been shown not to work. "That kind of incipient neo-colonialism is unacceptable. "We're saying to Africa: 'This is how you will respond to the pandemic' and that's not appropriate because African governments are eminently capable of deciding what their priorities are and what the response should be." "You do not provide money on the condition that they reflect your ideological priorities."
If African governments were capable of deciding anything worth a damn, Africa wouldn't be the disaster it is today despite the billions of dollars/debt relief done for the continents over how many decades. As for the abstinence not working, I guess Uganda is a special case.
After all, it was the ABC approach and a policy of openness inspired by President Yoweri Museveni which helped Uganda perform well in the fight against HIV/Aids compared to other countries. Many African governments have fared miserably in attempting to counter the HIV pandemic, with devastating consequences. By comparison, Uganda has performed well in bringing down the HIV prevalence to around 6%. In many parts of the country, it was at least three times as high during the early 1990s. The New York-based group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has strongly criticized the Ugandan government, accusing it of pushing the abstinence line while downplaying the safe sex message. It says the funding for abstinence is due to President George W Bush's conservative Christian views, which are similar to those of Uganda's first lady. The US says it plans to spend more than $100m combating HIV/Aids in Uganda this year - of which more than $8m will be on the abstinence and faithfulness programme. Some of that money will be focused on the young.
The entire message is you can't judge anyone, just give the money for condoms and shut the hell up by these enlightened idiots in the UN and HRW. By the way, this is a good example of what will happen if the West starts to buckle down on African countries about debt relief and aid money being used correctly, cries of "incipient neo-colonialism" You want to know why Aids is running amok in Africa its people like Lewis who hand out condoms/drugs and saying safe sex mantra will do the job. Unless you change the social structure and educate the population which includes abstinence, HIV/Aids will never be controlled on the continent.

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