Sunday, September 17, 2006

13 year old boy killed by Somalia Islamists.

Africa: As that country continues to fall under a wretched backward group that will bring more chaos to that part of Africa.

A 13-YEAR-OLD boy was killed and three others wounded overnight when Somali Islamic militia raided a cinema hall in southern Mogadishu to break up a crowd watching an English premier league match, witnesses said. They said the militiamen aboard machinegun-mounted pickups stormed Duale Cinema in Bulo-hubey district where hundreds were watching the Chelsea-Liverpool match and opened fire, killing the boy as others scampered for safety. They also smashed a television set and satellite-link equipment. "I saw armed men pouring into the cinema hall and minutes later they opened fire indiscriminately, killing one and wounding three others, including my younger brother," Idris Abdi Taqtar, a witness, said. Another fan Mohamed Jeeyte said the slain boy lay in a pool of blood outside the cinema hall. The Islamists confirmed the death, but blamed the fans for sparking the violence when they blocked militiamen from entering the hall to implement a ban on cinema halls in Mogadishu. "They started violent protest and fired bullets at the Islamic militias and we returned fire," said Ise Mohamed, a commander for the Islamic gunmen. "They tried to prevent the Islamic court carry out its duties by making violence so that we have dispersed them with gunfire," he said. The Islamists, who seized Mogadishu and several provincial towns in June from US-backed warlords, have begun enforcing strict Sharia law in some areas under their control, including bans on cinemas and television. Western football broadcasts, in particular, have drawn their ire, with clerics arguing that some elements, notably advertisements for alcoholic beverages, are evil. They have also ordered the closures of cinemas and photo shops, banned live music at wedding receptions and other events and harassed civilians, mainly women, for failing to wear appropriate dress in public, raising fears of a Taliban-style takeover in the lawless nation.

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