Saturday, September 02, 2006

Al Qaeda gives shoutouts to its useful idiots.

Terrorism: As Adam Gahdan gives the American version of the jihad message, basically convert or die to anyone who is not Muslim. But around 33 mins into the video, which you can see here at he starts to name names like Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch, Daniel Pipes, he urges Seymour Hirsh to show how the US government is hiding the true military death numbers and while gives praise to Robert Fisk and George Galloway, he urges them to get off the fence and become Muslims.

5) The enemies of Jihad in America Sensationally but not unexpectedly, he “name” a number of intellectual-enemies in this country: Daniel Pipes, Steven Emerson, Robert Spencer and Michael Spencer. Rarely Jihadi Terrorists at this high level media exposure named symbols of their enemy’s intelligentsia. And in addition to “experts” named in the tape, Gadahn goes on a ferocious attack against American “Tele-Evangelists” and their media, showing the other type of foes al Qaeda is very upset with. 6) The “friends” of al Qaeda? “Azzam” names “sympathetic” personalities for whom he has messages for action; He asks journalist Seymour Hirsh to “reveal more” than what was published in a New Yorker article on the War: Obviously an open call by al Qaeda to M Hirsch to resume the attack against the US War on Terror. Then “Azzam” turn to two British journalists and thank them for their “admiration and respect for Islam” encourage them to do the final step: Convert. He names British MP George Galloway and journalist Robert Fisk. But more troubling in Gadahn’s tape was his direct call to Jihadists within the US Armed forces to work patiently till the time comes and they should continue to aggregate while escaping the surveillance of their military authorities. This theme, which I covered briefly in Future Jihad, is of great concern to US national security. The “Azzam” speech brings further concerns as to the credibility of this threat.
Al Qaeda media department knows their idiots well. Robert Spencer is honored that Al Qaeda notices him.

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