Saturday, September 30, 2006

Amnesty today does equal more illegals tomorrow.

Immigration: Mickey Kaus has this to say.

A key point in the immigration debate--the basic engine of the reaction against the McCain-Bush effort to grant semi-amnesty to illegals--is the argument that amnesty today will encourage more illegal immigration (in the hope of another amnesty) tomorrow. This was certainly what seemed to happen after the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty of 1986. But readers have rightly challenged me to find more evidence to back up this central argument. Here's some: City Journal's Heather Mac Donald notes that in Europe Spain's amnesty--and France's--seem to have been followed by explosions of illegal migration. ... 5:24 P.M. link
Also see Sarkozy slams Spain for illegal alien debacle. Spain gets snubbed by Germany and Austria over illegals. Three countries get after Spain for granting amnesty which caused a huge increase in African illegals.

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