Monday, September 18, 2006

AP: UN back in the groove!

World: This is hilarious as AP's Edith Lederer cheers on the UN as useful and needed in the world community based on some dubious events.

After several years of unrelenting attacks on the United Nations — for corruption, mismanagement and inaction — recent events have helped the world body make a comeback. France's U.N. Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere said it's obvious the United Nations is needed. "You can do something, but it's easier to do it through the United Nations," he said. "Now, the question for the U.N. is, since we have these requests coming, this need, is the United Nations ready, or efficient, or able to answer that? And this is why the (U.N.) reforms are important."
How do you have a comeback when your strongest supporters question if you are "ready, or efficient, or able to answer that?" None of the problems that the UN has been "attacked" about have been fixed in any way and they have shown little or no power to be a force behind something as simple as Darfur.
U.N. Undersecretary-General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari also noted the increasing reliance on the United Nations. "Multilateralism and the U.N. have taken their hits in the past few years," he said. "But events of late have shown just how much this kind of organization is needed in today's world. This General Assembly will certainly underscore that point."
All it has shown so far from darfur to Iran to East Timor how useless the UN actually has become in today's world.

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