Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Belinda Stronach the Paris Hilton of Canadian politics.

Politics: You would think she would learn from her good friend Bill Clinton not to fool around especially with a married man who already used his get out of divorce card once(allegedly)

"....A Mrs. of 13 years standing who has, already once before, forgiven her husband for what she says was a previous infidelity, on the promise that he would never again hurt her like this. "If it wasn't for my husband's affair with Belinda, we wouldn't be getting a divorce," Leanne told the Star in an interview last night. "We were happily married. If not for Belinda, I think we still would be happily married. But he's no longer my husband and he will never be my husband again." Leanne Domi has been criticized in recent days — and certainly from within the pro-Tie camp — for going so publicly postal in the provocative details contained within the court documents filed in support of her divorce application. "The facts are the facts. Should I have just said that my marriage ended because my husband had committed adultery? People are insinuating that I named names to get back at Belinda or something. But this is what happened and this is why my marriage ended. There is zero doubt in my mind that Tie is having an affair with Belinda." In the court documents, Leanne Domi said she asked her husband to leave their home on July 22 because she no longer believed his "lies'' about a strictly business relationship with Stronach, nor the excuses he allegedly made for time spent away from the family. "Tie Domi lied to and cheated on me and our children. ... He is a bully and will do whatever he has to do and say whatever he needs to say to get what he wants for himself. And right now, what he wants is to ensure that our family gets as little as possible so he can maintain his jet-set lifestyle, dine with movie stars (like Brad Pitt), and play the role of Belinda Stronach's exciting new romantic `good tough guy.''' She maintains that, when confronted, Tie urged her not to hire a lawyer; that he would give her $1 million in cash and $1.5 for their palatial North Toronto house. "He told me that if I did hire a lawyer, I would `get nothing' ... He has told me he has many powerful and influential friends (including Belinda Stronach) who are `on his side and who don't want to hear my stupid sob stories about him and Belinda'. And he has told me that I had better `leave Belinda out of this.'''

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