Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Britain readies to give up its veto to the EU.

EU: Look at what is the most concerned item if they can get everyone on this EU warrant arrest.

BRITAIN is ready to surrender its veto over European Union decisions on police and judicial matters in a dramatic policy change. Ministers will set out conditions tomorrow for the transfer of control to the EU over the creation of new crimes that will apply in Britain as well as standardised court procedures, The Times understands. The move, to be proposed at a meeting of EU justice ministers in Tampere, Finland, will be subject to a series of conditions but has already provoked an outcry from the Conservatives, not least because the ending of the national veto revives a proposal in the doomed EU Constitution. The European Commission has been pushing for the move because it insists that it will speed up the EU’s response to cross-border terrorist activity. It also wants to introduce harmonised minimum standards for court procedures, such as standards of evidence and access to translators. Franco Frattini, the EU Justice Commissioner, has said that he wants to speed up the creation of pan-European crimes, such as incitement to racial hatred.
The thought police is going Euro wide!.

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