Monday, September 04, 2006

EU: Tell Spain go to hell on immigration

EU: The rancid coward of a government lead by zappo is now crying they need help and for the EU to block illegals coming from Africa. EU should bill Spain for any operations or tell them its their problem.

MADRID: Spain’s Socialist government helped spur a wave of illegal immigration to Europe from Africa by legalising hundreds of thousands of workers without papers, according to European Commission Vice-President Franco Frattini. Spain’s decision to grant the amnesty in 2005, without first controlling black-market labour or consulting EU leaders, gave a green light to illegal immigrants, he told several Spanish newspapers in an interview published yesterday. Frattini, the EU Migration Commissioner, made the comments after Spain and the European Commission this week appealed for more EU member help to stop boatloads of African migrants braving the journey to the Canary Islands to seek work in Europe. “If a member state opens a process to make immigrants legal without controlling black market labour, it encourages illegal migrants to enter this country and move on to another,” Frattini told reporters, when asked if Spain’s amnesty was behind a more than fourfold increase in African migrants sailing to the Canaries.

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