Sunday, September 17, 2006

Germans Losing Faith in Democracy

Germany: Uh Oh...

A recent report confirms the stereotype of Germany as a nation of pessimists. Increasingly, citizens are discontent with their living standards, and their form of government as well. According to a new report put out by the German Statistics Office, Germans have the most pessimistic view of the future among all Europeans. The latest census shows that Germans -- especially young people and eastern Germans -- believe living conditions are much worst than they actually are. The Date Report is released every two years and is a joint study conducted by various research and statistical agencies. Jürgen Kocka, head of the Social Science Research Center in Berlin, said there is a discrepancy between Germans' subjective view of living conditions and the actual conditions themselves, because Germans tend to set their standards higher than other Europeans. His analysis was reported on the economics internet site
Uh oh part 2.
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