Monday, September 04, 2006

Inayat Bunglawala cheers on BBC's appeasement program.

UK: Its's not surprising that the MCB would get behind the BBC's surrender program by Peter Taylor They and other groups like CAIR are pushing for it and other concessions as we get closer to 5th anniversary of 9/11. But it is the bluntness of it that is surprising. They are not even trying to hide behind tortured logic anymore, just throwing it out there for an eager audience of leftists.

"Having studied Bin Laden's pronouncements over the past ten years, Taylor has a more nuanced take on the matter: "Surprisingly the word 'caliphate' (a pan-Islamic state under sharia law) is barely mentioned. Time and again, the references are to three issues: American support for Israel; the presence of US and foreign troops in Muslim lands; and American support for 'apostate' rulers in Muslim countries, notably Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan." Personally, I happen to believe that much of Taylor's analysis is spot on. While it is true that direct talks with al-Qaida are unlikely - it does not have the political equivalent of a Sinn Fein to talk to, for a start - it must surely be right to re-examine whether US/UK policies in the Middle East are fair and are helping or hindering us in the struggle against the spread of extremist ideas. Despite preaching the virtues of democracy, the United States has, in reality, been seen to back a variety of autocratic regimes in the Middle East that deny the most basic of human rights to their peoples. Ironically, when democratic elections were held earlier this year in Palestine and it resulted in a genuine Hamas victory, the US refused to deal with the new government and indeed led the charge in trying to suffocate it by cutting off all aid to it. It is this rank hypocrisy combined with the outrageous US-led unprovoked war against Iraq - the latest example being the licence given to Israel by the US and UK governments to terrorise Lebanon - which is now resulting in al-Qaida's call to arms finding receptive listeners among more Muslims around the world than ever before." It is all the more tragic then that, with their ill thought-out actions in the Middle East, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have, in the words of Peter Taylor, "gifted Osama bin Laden with a Jihad he could only dream of."
It begs the question what is going on the Muslim community especially in Europe and Middle East where you go from supposedly young concerned Muslim to jihad warrior. The show presented everything as being the fault of the West, Muslims are nothing more than reactionary no thinking beings who you have to be careful around. Just give them the agenda and everything will be okay. Someone posted this earlier, but Taylor looks at this as a defensive jihad and not an offensive jihad that started why before 9/11. Its the appeasement crowd solution that you give in to every complaint, the support for Islamic terrorism will dry up. That is nonsense and it may be cliche but it didn't work when Chamberlain did it for Nazi Germany. No terrorist or their backers will say stop if they realize they can violence their way to the results favorable to them. The comments for his piece is a riot as the Guardian commentators for the most part rip into him.

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