Monday, September 18, 2006

The Islamists lovers are out in the Guardian today.

World: This is why I prefer the Guardian comment is free over the Huff Post which is just the infinite monkey theorem in progress. You can't get this sort of incoherent delusionary writing packaged as being sensible on the Huff Post. You have Madeleine Bunting of course going after the Poper for the death of the Sister Leonella because well he should have known better.

An elderly Catholic nun has already been killed in Somalia and tragically other good people could lose their lives for the foolishness of this global leader. That is what must be causing the consternation in the Vatican. How is this stupidity going to play out in countries such as Nigeria where the tensions between Catholics and Muslims frequently flare into riots and death? Or other countries such as Pakistan where tiny Catholic communities are already beleaguered? Or the Muslim minorities in Catholic countries such as the Philippines - how comfortable do they feel this week?
There is the reactionary Muslim defense pushed by western Liberals. You have to tiptoe around the Muslims and play nice giving no offense. The Guardian commentators rip into her like raw meat at a lion kill.

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