Saturday, September 02, 2006

Leftists seize control of Mexican congress

Mexico: If this doesn't spur on a crackdown down on illegal aliens and better border security, nothing will. Imagine the exodus if Mexico comes apart. But I doubt it will come to that as this is an embarrassment to the rest of the world .

MEXICO CITY (AP) - President Vicente Fox refused to deliver his state-of-the country report to Congress on Friday, after leftist legislators seized control of the stage. It was the first time a Mexican leader hasn't given the annual address. Fox's office said he would give a televised speech to the country later Friday, exactly three months before he steps down. The written copy of his address called on Mexico to mend deep divisions he said threaten the country's newfound democracy. "Whoever attacks our laws and institutions also attacks our history and Mexico," Fox said, a veiled reference to leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. "No one can say that he supports the people when he attacks it." The fast-paced developments followed weeks of tensions over the disputed July 2 presidential race. The opposition legislators waved Mexican flags and held placards calling Fox a traitor. They ignored demands they return to their seats, shouting "Vote by vote" - a rallying cry for Lopez Obrador's bid for a full recount in the July 2 election. They raised leather-covered copies of the Mexican constitution and flashed the sign for victory as they stood at the front of the congress while the 102 senators and 462 representatives sang the national hymn to close the session. The standoff came six days before the top electoral court must declare a president-elect or annul the July 2 vote and order a new election. So far, rulings have favoured governing party candidate Felipe Calderon. Lopez Obrador has already said he won't recognize the electoral court's decision and he plans to create a parallel government and rule from the streets.

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