Sunday, September 10, 2006

MCB in its clearest terms yet tells Britain to bow down.

UK: If this doesn't create some sort of backlash, UK is pretty much lost.

Britain could face the threat of two million home-grown Islamic terrorists, says a senior Muslim leader. Muhammad Abdul Bari, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, fears that continued negative attitudes towards people of his faith could provoke a vast and angry backlash. "There are a few bad apples in the Muslim community who are doing terrible acts and we want to root them out," Dr Bari told The Sunday Telegraph. "But some police officers and sections of the media are demonising Muslims, treating them as if they're all terrorists — and that encourages other people to do the same. "If that demonisation continues, then Britain will have to deal with two million Muslim terrorists — 700,000 of them in London," he said. "If you attack a whole community, it becomes despondent and aggressive."
There we have it, the head of the leading Muslim group has put everyone on notice that if the Media doesn't stop reporting, the police doesn't stop policing and others stop doing things that could make a Muslim angry, you will have two million terrorists. This idiot just put Muslims as less than animals, mere beings that could turn into suicide bombers if you don't do as he and others are demanding. I have to say Abdul Bari has done more to make Muslims look bad than any of the haters he is complaining about because he is giving ammo like crazy. This is not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. It's not all Muslims are terrorists, but all Muslims have the potential to be terrorists. Someone better raise a ruckus over this.
"The more established Muslim communities, such as those from east Africa, were integrating well, but the relatively new communities were struggling with poverty and poor academic achievement. "They need help," he said. "Integration is a two-way process and the dominant, majority culture has to do more." Islamophobia was also making it hard for Muslims to rise to senior jobs, and unemployment among Muslims was far higher than the national average. He called for more Muslim representation in the police force, Parliament and other areas of public life. "Young Muslims need role models to show them they can play a part in British society."
Intergration is a two way process, but the burden doesn't fall on the majority culture especially when the minority culture has already expressed a distaste for the ways of the majority. Even Bari has already stated his feelings for Britain.
"...Dr Bari, a 52-year-old science teacher and author of several books on Islam in Britain, became arguably the most influential Muslim voice in the country after taking over from Sir Iqbal Sacranie this week. Every five minutes he takes calls: from the media, Downing Street, the police, mosques. They all want to know his response to the protests against the shooting. His aim, he says, will be to encourage Britain to adopt more Muslim ways, as well as to encourage Muslims to be good British citizens. He thinks that non-Muslim Britons would benefit from having arranged marriages and espousing stronger family values; they would also do well to stop drinking and gambling and to follow many of the teachings of Islam."
In his mind, Intergration is a one way process.

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