Monday, September 04, 2006

Mexican leftist will never accept rival's win

Mexico: Build the fence quick!

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's leftist opposition leader said on Sunday he will never recognize his right-wing rival as president and vowed a "radical transformation" of the country by setting up a parallel government. Mexico's electoral court is almost certain to confirm the ruling party's Felipe Calderon as president-elect this week, but Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador insists he was robbed in the July 2 election. "We will never accept usurpation nor recognize a president-elect who is illegitimate," the former mayor of Mexico City told a rally of thousands of supporters in the capital's main square. "We are going for deep change, root change, because that is what Mexico needs," he said. "It is a radical transformation. We are going for the construction of a new country that is fair and honorable."
Seriously, I cannot see more than a few thousand follwers of this idiot really lapping up his nonsense. I hope.

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