Sunday, September 03, 2006

Muslim anger erupts at Costello call to renounce terrorism

Australia: Now there is a headline that will make people think what is the problem?

"MUSLIM leaders have lashed out at Peter Costello, after the federal Treasurer called on them to condemn terrorism "unequivocally", and speak out plainly and clearly against radicals in their community. Mr Costello said they should "make it clear to would-be converts that when you join this religion you do not join a radical political ideology". But Muslim representatives said last night Mr Costello had not taken notice of what had already been said, and did not communicate with them. Yasser Soliman, president of the Islamic Family and Childcare Agency in Victoria, said the Government's Muslim Community Reference Group had "pledged loyalty to this country and condemned extremism and terrorism". The Muslim leadership had done this repeatedly. "Obviously Mr Costello is not in touch with the people he's talking about — he's never bothered to talk with them," he said. Waleed Aly, board member of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said Muslim community leaders had been "speaking out unequivocally against terrorism pretty loudly and continuously for five years. If the Treasurer hasn't heard that yet, I'm not sure what it will take."
What people are hearing is don't criticize Muslims or they will be riots.

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