Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mystery Trinidadian man who has the FBI worried.

Terrorism: Scary story in the LATIMES that has a South Florida and Trinidad and Tobago connection.

CHARLIEVILLE, Trinidad and Tobago — Five years ago, as 19 Al Qaeda operatives in the United States put the finishing touches on what would become the Sept. 11 attacks, a frail, asthmatic computer engineer from South Florida paid a visit to this tiny Muslim enclave where he'd lived as a boy. Adnan Gulshair Muhammad el Shukrijumah, then 25, kept a low profile over the course of the week. He hung out with a small circle of devout older men who were leaders of the local Islamic community. They prayed in mosques, went fishing and enjoyed long walks and leisurely dinners, recalled one of the hosts, Imtiaz Mohammed. Shukrijumah spoke fondly of his father, an influential Islamic scholar and Charlieville community leader two decades earlier. He also spoke of his family life in Miramar, Fla., his computer technician business and his travels to the Middle East and other exotic locales. But Shukrijumah said nothing about why he was in Trinidad, nor what his plans were, acquaintances here say. Two years later, the FBI put out an urgent all-points bulletin for Shukrijumah, depicting him as one of Al Qaeda's most well-trained, intelligent and deadly operatives. He was described as the ultimate "sleeper agent," intent on attacking the U.S., possibly with weapons of mass destruction.
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