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Pick on Muslims, get a riot in Australia.

Australia: PM John Howard calls out the small segment of Muslims in Australia who refuse to integrate and once again Muslim "leaders" use that as an excuse to stop the criticism or they may be riots.

"THE group of Islamic leaders John Howard selected to advise him on their community have warned him against repeatedly singling out Muslims for criticism. Members of the Prime Minister's Muslim Community Reference Group said they were "appalled" at his statement that a section of Muslim migrants refuse to learn English or treat women as equals and integrate into the Australian way of life. The Weekend Australian spoke to eight members of the 14-strong group, and they said Mr Howard risked undermining the group's work - in consultation with the federal Government over the past year - to improve understanding of the nation's 300,000 Muslims. Group chairman Ameer Ali warned that comments such as Mr Howard's threatened to drive young Muslims into isolation and inflame racial tensions. "We have already witnessed one incident in Sydney recently, in Cronulla. I don't want these scenes repeated, because when you antagonise the younger generation, they are bound to react," Dr Ali told Macquarie Radio. But Mr Howard refused to back away from his comments. "
Reuters tries to make out John Howard caused the Cronulla riots which is a flat out lie.
"The head of the government's Muslim advisory committee, Ameer Ali, said on Friday that Howard's comments could fuel race riots like those at Sydney's Cronulla beach last December. "We have already witnessed one incident in Sydney recently in Cronulla, I don't want these scenes to be repeated because when you antagonize the younger generation ... they are bound to react," Ali told local Sydney radio. In December 2005, Howard said some Muslims were "raving on about jihad". Days later violence rocked Cronulla, when white Australian youths clashed with Lebanese-Australians. "
No, Cronulla riots happened because of years of frustration and the politically correct government who looked the other way.
On Sunday, December 11, 2005, approximately 5000 people had gathered in an ad-hoc protest to "reclaim the beach" from recently-reported incidents of assaults and intimidatory behaviour by groups of non-locals, most of whom were identified in the earlier media reports as Middle Eastern youths from the suburbs of Western Sydney. The crowd had assembled following a widely-reported series of earlier confrontations, and an assault on three volunteer lifesavers (lifeguards) which had taken place the previous weekend. This was widely seen as the "tipping point" after years of intimidation, mostly directed at white female beach goers, with sentiments such as "I can't go to the beach, normally, and wear what I'd usually wear. Because when I do, I feel as though I'm getting targeted"[1] being common. In the week leading up to the major incident of the 11th, these confrontations and the subsequent circulation of anonymous calls to gather at the beach — spread via SMS text messaging and other means — were the subject of much publicity and media commentary.
Of course this follows the disturbing pattern of Muslim leaders around the globe who have latched on to the don't criticise us or our young people will go nuts on you talking point which only manages to irritate people to further their own agenda. In a new twist, Failure to help Muslims in other countries could be a starting point to conflicts there by Farah Mihlar.
British foreign policy offends Muslims not only because of Tony Blair's pro-American stance on Iraq and the Middle East, but also because of Britain's thorough indifference to crises faced by smaller Muslim populations outside of Europe. In the past month, as the world focused on Lebanon, with a cursory glance at Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts erupting elsewhere went unnoticed. One of the worst of these was in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lankan government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels clashed after nearly four years of relative peace, some of the worst affected were the country's Muslim population. ....Now, a century later, Sri Lankan Muslims are under attack because of their distinct identity and no one seems to care. Though the Muslims have been so severely affected in the conflict and consider the contentious north and east as their homeland they were excluded from the peace process. The international community hailed the talks and ignored their exclusionary nature. This exclusion not only makes Sri Lanka's long term peace prospects unrealistic but it creates another disgruntled community that can turn to violence - and in this case, religious fundamentalism - if it loses confidence in a negotiated process. It is disappointing that countries like Britain overlook the grievances of smaller minorities. It certainly would be too simplistic to imagine that if the British government championed the causes of these communities they could win the hearts and minds of the UK's own Muslim minority population. But it would at least show that they aren't at war with the whole of the Muslim world.
Even the Guardian commentators are stunned by this sort of warped logic.
Waltz Comment No. 197422 September 1 16:25 GBR Good god, a whole new and hitherto unimagined population of whingeing Muslims complaining that the British government isn't looking after them! And this time it's Sri Lankan whingeing Muslims! Quite why the BRITISH government should be doing anything at all for them, I don't know. Have Muslims worldwide elected Britain as some sort of Muslim representative country? Why should our government look after you lot in Sri Lanka? How about you try appealing to the Sri Lankan government? Or to Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia?

Jan3 Comment No. 197439 September 1 16:33

So let me get this straight: The UK should intervene in every conflict around the world, if there is a possibility that even a minority of Muslims might get hurt? So we should attack:- Russia, Thailand, The Phillipines, Australia (since some Lebanese got beat up real bad on Bondi beach), Serbia (oh yeah we did that, didn't we? didn't seem to satisy you though, did it?) and Sri Lanka? And if we do this, maybe, just maybe, we stop getting bombed? I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I wonder if the Guardian hasn't been taken over by the BNP, and they are giving idiots like you lots and lots of rope to hang yourselves with.

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