Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Playing the part of Terrell Owens.. Rosie O'Donnell!

Entertainment: As Barbara Walters plays Mcnabb. You can just see the bust up coming down the road.

Veteran newswoman Barbara Walters has urged her new co-host Rosie O'Donnell to stop blogging about the talk show "The View." O'Donnell is joining the show on Tuesday and regularly writes about what is happening in her life on her Web site. O'Donnell complained on her blog about a promotional skit from the new season of the show writing in her all-lowercase style saying, "I saw the new view promos. "Found myself/in the position/i loathe the most/powerless." Walters discussed her feelings about O'Donnell's Web posts with Newsweek magazine saying, "I didn't like the blog. I'm counting on Rosie's intelligence and sensitivity and humor. "This is, after all, an entertainment show. It is based on people who like each other and are having a good time, not on people who are arguing and unhappy." Soon after Walters spoke to the magazine, she received flowers and a card from her new co-host reading, "Barbara, I only want the promos and the show to be great. And I love you. Love, Ro."
Someone has to be the leader and everyone else find their niche. You can't have two queen bees running the hive.

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