Saturday, September 23, 2006

Rumor: Osama Bin Laden is dead

World: Translated from Yahoo France AP.

PARIS (AP) - the number one of the terrorist network Al-Qaïda, Ousama Bin Laden, would have died, according to information's of the Saoudi services of safety transmitted to the Directorate-General of the external services (DGSE), brings back the Lorraine daily newspaper Is republican in its edition of Saturday. “According to a usually reliable source, the Saoudi services of safety would have acquired the conviction that Usama Bin Laden died”, said a note of the DGSE of confidential September 21 classified as “defense” and published by the republican East in its edition of Saturday. The note, specifies the daily newspaper, however would have been recorded in the information “not recut” by the DGSE. According to the note published by the republican East, the Saoudi services of safety “would reach to obtain more details, and in particular the place of its burial, to announce the news officially”. In this note, the DGSE specifies that no “Internet site djihadist is for the moment made the echo of died of Ousama Bin Laden”. According to the same note, “the chief of Al-Qaïda would have been victim, whereas it was in Pakistan on August 23, 2006, of a very strong crisis of typhoid” and would have succumbed to it in the following days. The French services of the information would have transmitted this note to the President of the Republic, to the the Defense on September 21 and Prime Minister and to Ministers of Interior Department, according to the regional daily newspaper, which added that a first note transmitted on September 19 to the leaders of the French State explained why the Saoudi services “sought to confirm the death of Ousama Bin Laden”. AP

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