Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tories decide to become tax and spend goobers.

UK: Wonderful as they start to imitate the same nonsense by the GOP of enlarging government. Exactly what the hell does David Cameron think bloated and inefficient public works will get him in the next election?

The Conservatives set out plans yesterday for an "unambiguous commitment" to more spending on public services. In a radical shift that will infuriate Right-wingers, a policy review group set up by David Cameron effectively apologised for the party's traditional hostility to the public sector and called for an end to "public bad, private good" thinking. "The political culture has often required the Conservatives to belittle the efforts of people whose objectives we share," the public service improvement policy group said. Increasing the size of the public sector as the country got richer was "part of being human" as public services were as important to the nation's well-being as individuals' personal wealth, the group's interim report said. "It is in that context that we believe that all Conservatives should embrace an unambiguous commitment to the growth of public services, as part of a growth of general well-being."

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