Sunday, September 03, 2006

White extremists uses youtube to threaten Muslims.

UK: Take you back to April when Margaret Hodge said this about the by-elections and a BNP breakthrough.

White working-class families feel so neglected by the Government and angered by immigration that they are deserting Labour and flocking to the British National Party, a minister admitted yesterday. In a sensational claim, Margaret Hodge, one of Tony Blair's closest allies, said that eight out of 10 white people in her east London constituency of Barking are threatening to vote for the far-Right party in next month's local elections. Once traditional Labour supporters are angry at a lack of affordable housing - and blame immigration, and Labour, for the changes. ...."Nowhere else has changed so fast. When I arrived in 1994, it was a predominantly white, working class area. Now, go through the middle of Barking and you could be in Camden or Brixton. That is the key thing that has created the environment the BNP has sought to exploit." Mrs Hodge claimed the anger is not down to racism. "It is a fear of change. It is gobsmacking change." She also complained about a "lack of leadership" from her party on race, and said the "political class", including Labour, was frightened of the issue. "The Labour Party hasn't talked to these people. This is a traditional Labour area but they are not used to engaging with us because all we do is put leaflets through doors. Part of the reason they switch to the BNP is they feel no one else is listening to them." ...."It's an incredibly serious issue. It's the big issue. We need very much stronger leadership nationally to promote the benefits of the multi-cultural society. We have got to do it, the Labour leadership have got to do it. All the political parties have got to do it.
Now in September we find this
"Would-be viewers of the far-right clips, each lasting two to three minutes, are informed in a YouTube warning that the videos “may contain content that is inappropriate for some users”. Users are also required to state they are over 18, although there can be no verification of this. In one video a man with a London accent says: “I wish to know what we are going to do to fight the so-called religion of peace known as Islam.” He lists incidents including the racially motivated murder of Ross Parker, a white teenager, on September 21, 2001, by an Asian gang. The alleged airline bomb plot is also mentioned, with the masked man claiming it has resulted in “no retaliation” against Muslims. He says: “It may be because you fear prison. Well, wake up. I am calling on England, Ulster, Scotland and Wales to stand and defend the island that we love.” Another video, dated August 19, shows a balaclava-clad man with a Welsh accent telling Muslims to “go home” or be burnt. Brandishing a foot-long hunting knife with a serrated blade he says: “We are going to rip the life out of you. I am going to tear your guts out. I’ll cut your head off. You come over here, you bomb us, disgrace us, you spit on our heritage, you want the Union Jack banned, you want your own flag flying over parliament . .. it ain’t gonna happen.”
The environment is ripe for white extremists to gain ground with young people who feel alienated and put off by a government that has done things in a politically correct way and gives off the perception of being favorable of Muslims. This is the same sort of excuse given by Muslim leaders around the globe about young Muslims. Now the racist groups are going to take on the same methods of jihad groups and it will lead to violence if someone doesn't get a handle on it.

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