Sunday, October 22, 2006

Confirmation Madonna was window shopping for black babies?

Culture: Getting turned on by Jolie no less for the united nations family fad of the day.

MADONNA pulled out of adopting a US child just three months before whisking one-year-old Malawi boy David Banda out of Africa. She and husband Guy Ritchie filled out an application at a California agency – and even underwent an evaluation process as adoptive parents. But they abandoned plans to take a US baby from the Vista del Mar Child And Family Services Clinic after dinner with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The Hollywood couple, who adopted African daughter Zahara last year, told Madonna and Ritchie they should instead choose a Third World infant. According to a source close to Jolie, the actress – who chose Africa again to give birth to her and Pitt’s natural daughter, Shiloh – pressed home the idea in a series of e-mails to Madonna and over dinner. Last night, as the furore mounted over her “fast track” taking of David and her plans to adopt a little Malawian sister for him, the source revealed: “Both Brad and Angelina sold Madonna and Guy on the idea of creating a global family like theirs by taking kids out of Third World poverty.
UN goodwill ambassador Jolie also pointed out how Madonna could use her fame – and money – to raise the global profile of an impoverished nation. At that point, Madonna, 48, and Ritchie, 38, abandoned plans to adopt from the Vista del Mar centre, which handles children from “ghetto” areas. Yesterday a source there said: “They were well into the adoption process. They were fingerprinted and went through an interview as part of our evaluation procedures. We were surprised when they lost interest. They seemed incredibly keen.” The couple had made little secret of plans earlier this year to find a US baby brother or sister for son Rocco, six, and Madonna’s 10-year-old daughter Lourdes, but after dinner with Pitt and Jolie, they decided on the Third World. US agencies expressed anger at the decision. Merle Hoff-man, of Choices, said: “It’s like going to an animal rescue shelter and picking the cutest.” Katie Ann McCubbin, from a west coast agency, added: “There are plenty of needy children in America she could have chosen. Her husband is British. Don’t they have babies to adopt there?”
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