Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Differences between the niqab,hijabs..etc.

Culture: Vigilante in comments of previous post brought up a question people will have about this debate.

Is there a difference between hijabs on one hand and chadors, niqab or burqas on the otherhand? Or is it just a difference without significance?Vigilante Homepage 10.07.06 - 11:02 am #

BBC has a good primer on the different styles. check out the graphic sideshow in the article. Gulfnews brings this tidbit that is logical even if you read the passage in the Koran everyone points too.

Islam 'does not require women to cover faces' By Daniel Bardsley, Staff Reporter Dubai: Most Islamic scholars say the wearing of the veil is not required, but that woman can cover their faces if they choose to, local experts have told Gulf News. Sociology researcher Dr Rima Al Sabban said her interpretation of the Quran was that to be a good Muslim, a woman was compelled only to cover her hair. She added: "It was only stated that the wives of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had to cover their faces, but some women like to adopt that as well. "The women want to do it but they don't have to. I respect the choice of women whether they should be veiled or not veiled." Rima said 20 to 30 per cent of UAE national women cover their faces, in addition to wearing the black abaya and a shayla headscarf. Traditionally, the gold-coloured burkha mask, which covers the cheekbones, nose and brow, was the favoured form of face covering, but Rima said the black veil was becoming more popular. She said: "Often you will find the grandmother and the mother wear the burkha, but the daughter wears the veil." Rima added that in some other GCC countries a higher percentage of women covered their faces, estimating that in Saudi Arabia 80 per cent of women did so. Dr Mohammad Abdullah Al Rokn, professor of law at the UAE University in Al Ain, said: "The majority of scholars are of the opinion that covering the face is not a must, unless the woman feels by herself she would like to cover her face."

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