Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Elisabeth Hasselbeck vs Law & Order: SUV producer

Entertainment: It seems the people at L&O: SUV don't like Elisabeth much most likely due to her politics and decided to name a character called Elizabeth Hassenback who goes thru what seems to be someone's warped wish on the show.

In particular, I pointed to the Oct. 17 episode of L&O: SVU, in which the curiously named victim Elizabeth Hassenback was raped on two occasions, then murdered by a sociopath intent on charting his victims' ovulation cycles so he could impregnate them. Well apparently, I wasn't the only one who raised an eyebrow over the victim's moniker, as Elisabeth Hasselbeck, perky panelist for daytime chatfest The View, took it upon herself to call an SVU producer and express her dismay about the episode, a conversation which she recounted on her show this morning. (Rewatch the segment by clicking here, courtesy of the good folks at Best Week Ever.) Now in SVU's defense, the Hassenback character wasn't a talk-show host or any sort of conservative public figure in a ripped-from-the-headlines case. But when you come right down to it, the writers' choice of victim name was pretty distasteful, particularly considering the hideousness of the crime. I mean, wouldn't you expect a backlash if SVU started a trend of giving its rape-murder victims names like Kelly Clarksen, Angeline Jolique and Christine Aguilar? Seriously, why go there at all?
bestweekever had this to say.
This morning on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck related an incident between herself and an executive producer on Law and Order: S.V.U. On last week’s episode, they featured a character named Elizabeth Hassenbeck, who was raped twice and murdered. Hasselbeck phoned the Executive Producer, who she refused to name (though creator Dick Wolf seems the likeliest candidate), and came to blows over whether or not the near exact name usage was mere coincidence, or whether the implications were socially irresponsible on the part of the show. The producer remained defensive and nasty, which prompted a threat on the petite blonde’s behalf to never book any of the L&O actors on The View again. Ohhh… a blacklist! What excellent Tuesday morning melodrama! Fans of the show already know that the writers tend to base most of their plot lines on actual events in the news, from Britney and K-Fed to the Mel Gibson drunk driving arrest. So it’s pretty obvious that the name similarity is more than just mere coincidence. And while we’re certainly not huge fans of Hasselbeck’s weepy View antics, we’ve gotta side with her here: Law & Order, it’s just not right!
Not surprising at all coming from the L&O empire mega producer Dick Wolf created over the years.

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