Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Grove: I will smack Olbermann if he tries something.

Entertainment: Snarky smack talk!

KarmaBites1 writes on her blog that you are a "gentleman and a true journalist" for not publishing the Olbermann e-mails she provided you with. Question: Will you continue to bash Keith every chance you get? And what are the odds you will publish those e-mails one of these days? And by the way, are you dating anyone? Lloyd Grove: I blush. I have no wish to bash Keith Olbermann. I did once, some months ago, when he decided my twentysomething assistant was fair game, told a bunch of fibs about her on the air, and named her, on his precious show and on his odd little blog, "The Worst Person in The World." As for the emails, I think I will leave them locked in my bottom drawer for now. But I know where to find them if I need them. Dating? I'm always the last person to know.

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