Friday, October 06, 2006

Hastert gotta go from the speaker position.

Politics: I am in awe and yet realize the inept reaction was a given over Foleygate considering the house leadership starting with Hastert has been at best below average. This should have handled by Sunday night with everything in place to defuse the situation, if people had to forced to fall on their swords so be it. Instead we get the finger pointing, the behind the scenes backstabbing which only made everything worse in the long run and kept this story white hot. There is a time to fight back and a time to stand back. This would time to stand back while showing you are dealing with the situation with furious anger. The only bright spot is the hope that House members and even Senate members do a drastic change to the leadership positions in the next couple of months to put a new energy into the party which is running on empty at this point.

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