Friday, October 20, 2006

MacKay referred to Belinda Stronach as a dog?

Canada: If that is the worse he can muster up after the stunts she has pulled she should consider herself lucky.

OTTAWA — Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay referred to Liberal MP Belinda Stronach — his ex-girlfriend — as a dog Thursday in the House of Commons, the Liberals say. MacKay denies saying any such thing. The purported slur prompted Toronto-area Liberal Mark Holland to lodge a complaint with the Commons Speaker, and other Liberals expressed disgust at the alleged remark. Holland says the foreign minister made the slur while exchanging jeers with the Liberals during a debate on the environment. While the government was being peppered with questions about the new Clean Air Plan, Holland says a Liberal jokingly asked MacKay about the impact of pollution on humans and animals: “What about your dog?” According to Holland, MacKay motioned toward Stronach’s vacant seat and replied: “You already have her.” MacKay staged a well-publicized photo op with a dog on his family’s Nova Scotia farm when he and Stronach broke up after her stunning defection to the Liberal party in 2005. In Halifax on Thursday night for a speech to a Tory fund-raiser, MacKay denied saying anything derogatory about Stronach and suggested that his critics consult Hansard. “I made no dog comment,” MacKay told reporters, and blamed the fuss on Liberal partisan politics. “It’s what it’s all about. It’s a distraction away from their own inadequacies.”

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