Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Madonna: Its the media fault!

Entertainment: From the reports coming out of the tapings, I was right in how the interview would go in a post from yesterday.

"....Audience members at the recording of the Oprah Winfrey show revealed the contents of the as-yet-uncut interview as they filed out of the US TV production company's Chicago offices. Speaking of how Madonna answered the prickly questions surrounding the Malawi adoption laws, an audience member told the Mail: "She said they just made them (the laws) up as they went along". However, that is not the way Malawi officials see the situation. Titus Mvalo a lawyer on Malawi's Human Rights Consultative Committee said laws in the African country forbid international adoptions - even by celebrities. He said: "Adoptive parents must be resident in Malawi and have to be assessed for between 18 and 24 months before the judge completes the process. "We also asked the court to be part of the adoption process, so that HRCC checks that no laws are flouted." The show will be aired on American television for the first time after being edited at the production offices at Winfrey's Chicago-based company. The company refused to release any material before the show aired. After the taping, audience members filed out of the US studios largely supportive of the entertainer. "Madonna said she did nothing wrong in adopting the boy and was emotional about the criticism," said audience member Sue Waldman. They described Oprah as both "sympathetic" and "encouraging" in discussing the controversial adoption issue. "It was a good experience. Madonna is an intelligent woman and she made a lot of sense. I am not always the greatest fan of her, but it was a good thing that she did," said Miss Waldman. Another woman audience member said: "She had a lot of good things to say. I am proud of Madonna. She tried to do something nice and got hammered for it." They explained to us that there are no real adoption laws in this country so they make up rules as they go along," said another woman. "

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