Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Sunny Hundal, You are part of a bigger issue.

UK: This is the sort of myopic gibberish that passes for spot on analysis by some on the left and within the UK Muslim community who cannot see what the problem is other than playing the victim card.

"The problem is they are given legitimacy on account of the scaremongering hype that is now daily raked up by the tabloids. Last week alone we had three other non-stories being headlined because they involved a Muslim person. PC Basha only feared for the safety of his wife's family in the Lebanon if he was photographed in front of the Israeli embassy. Everyone within the police admitted it was standard practice. The "race riots" in Windsor were an attack on a Muslim-owned dairy by white youths following some gang fighting. And while I abhor the decision by the cabbie to refuse a guide-dog into his vehicle, I've seen worse abuse directed towards Muslim friends by cabbies. "
None of these stories were a non event. Each one is a huge story because of various reasons. We have a cop who was either afraid to be see in front of an Israel embassy because he was scared for his family or he objected on some moral grounds. Cops unless it is an extreme case cannot pick and choose what they can or cannot do, supervisors cannot give the perception of favoritism. The cab driver discriminating on religious grounds a blind person and a guide dog. The race riots/gang fighting will always get play in the press. But you overlook one thing. None of these things can be seen in a vacuum. They all fit together with other stories over the last couple of years where Muslims are in conflict with western norms and values. Take those three stories and add in cartoon riots, man declaring jihad on Burger King ice cream, reaction against the pope, MCB's rant against holocaust memorial day, various jihadist rants and groups that have been given free reign in the UK over the years, go back to the reaction to Rushdie's book, the cancelling of the German opera, even incidents in America/Australia where Muslim cab drivers refuse fares for guide dogs or alcohol carrying passengers. What the mini feeding frenzy by the press wasn't blowing stuff out of proportion, it was that final break in the dam of story angles that have lingered on blogs and in the public mind for a while now. The cop story started the ball rolling because the initial explanation and even the second explanation went against everything that Brits expect of their police. By themselves the stories seem to be odd, but this is a reaction created by an accumulation of stories over the years that before if questioned would bring charges of racist, xenophobe, BNP member..etc..etc. That is not working anymore by the PC crowd and they are at a loss what to do about it.

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