Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Summary of an ESPN Sportcenter horror moment.

Media: Just in time for Halloween. *blogging away* Sportcenter anchor: Now we go to Steven A. Smith. *..reaches for the remote mute button, can't find the remote* Steven A. Smith: "I WILL CALL IT RIGHT NOW" *panic sets as I look around, on and under the desk for the remote* Steven A. Smith: "IF AMARE COMES BACK CLOSE TO HIS" *lunge for the tv set to change channel, scream in horror as my toe nails the side of desk* Steven A. Smith: "PHOENIX SUNS WILL WIN TWO OUT OF" *hit channel change button with the power of 10 atomics bombs!...realize Steven A. Smith is still on my screen, then realizing I hit the volume up button instead* Steven A. Smith: " THE NEXT FIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS!" *pass out...awake later to Sean Salisbury giving verbal man love to Tony Romo...pass out a second time*

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