Sunday, October 01, 2006

Those darn white liberals Brits and their society.

UK: It is their fault for not wanting to mix with others and changing their ways according to Gary Younge to benefit the minority groups.

Any candid discussion of race, immigration and asylum that was not racist would not just acknowledge fear and prejudice but challenge them both. Since ministers are not able to do that about ethnic minorities, maybe they should start off with a subject with which they are more familiar. Let's have an open and honest discussion about white people. Let's start by talking about how they don't want to integrate. The stubborn rump of around 10% of whites who, according to a 2002 Mori poll, are hostile to racial equality and antagonistic to the very existence of non-white people in this country. Given a percentage point either way, that is the consistent figure who believe that to be truly British you must be white and who do not believe it is important to respect the rights of minority groups. Let's discuss their inability to choose moderate leaders and the propensity of the leaders they do choose to murder innocent civilians abroad by their thousands. Let's analyse their vulnerability to extremists such as the British National party, not to mention elsewhere in Europe, where fascism is once again a mainstream ideology. Let's talk about the religious intolerance that rages in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and can be found in the highest levels of the state, where only Protestants can marry into royalty. And let's not forget the terrorists white people have been rearing at home for years, whether they are bombing Brick Lane, parliament or shopping centres in Manchester, and the no-go areas in housing estates, football terraces and boardrooms. Only then perhaps will it become sufficiently apparent for those with insufficient imagination just how crude and crass the framing of the debate about Muslims has been. Any group of people will rightly bristle at the demand to answer collectively for the acts of individuals with whom they share an identity but over whom they have no control. The tolerant, secular, liberal society into which Muslims are being asked to integrate lies somewhere between mythology and a work in progress and, the responsibility for transforming it into a lived reality lies with all of us. When it comes to poor whites lured by organised racism, Labour makes allowances.
This is a stupid analogy. The point is within the Muslim community there is a radical element that is out to harm people. It is not asking them to answer collectively, but take responsibility for something that as grown within the community over the number of decades. If we are going to look at the white community, the majority of the UK, they have taken care of denouncing and putting on the fringes(even with a couple of seat gains) groups like the BNP. They have actively policed the "religious intolerance" in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The 10% who are so racist are not considered on par with Islamic extremists. As for the hyperbole that facism is now a mainstream ideology, that is bull. The rise of extreme right wing groups are the cause of the Multicult nonsense that people like Younge have pushed onto the rest of Europe. Anyone who objected and pointed the practice of multicults is to give praise and put on a pedestal minority cultures/norms while spitting and tear down the majority culture was called a racist. When you have government of cultural elites who do this, ignoring the majority, of course groups that do speak out will attract attention no matter how repugnant their views are to the mass majority. They will never be the mainstream of European society, but because of the actions by people like Younge they are going to be a factor in close races and society discussions for a long while to come. The tolerant, secular, liberal society does exist and it is pushing back at what they thought was a daft idea of all cultures/norms are the same and should be treated equally. The reality is that is not the case. Deal with it.

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