Sunday, October 01, 2006

Time to start eating at Dunkin Donuts and Applebees.

Nation: As illegal alien supporters are angry that both companies dare to use no match letters to make sure they are not breaking the law.

The initial purpose of the social security administration's 'no match' letter was to credit workers unclaimed social security earnings. The agency routinely sends out 'no match' letters to a company when employees' names and social security numbers don't match possibly because of a spelling error, omission of information or a unreported name change. But immigration activists say some employers are now aggressively using the letters to fire immigrant workers. "The Bush administration wants to give the appearance that they are cracking down on undocumented immigration and workers are an easy escape goat," said James Thindwa, Chicago Jobs with Justice. Groups accuse several companies of the practice using 'no match' letters to immigrant workers who don't have valid social security numbers. They want the public to boycott businesses, including Applebee's and Dunkin Donuts. Neither company could be reached for comment.
If someone gets a letter and its just a spelling error or mistake, it is easy just to get your SS card and show it to your employee. It might be a bigger problem if you are using a fake or stolen SS number.
Some immigration rights groups at Federal Plaza say it is no mistake there has been an increase in effort to curtail immigration reform. They have planned a day of fasting in protest of the 'no match' letters, raids, and deportations. "It looks to me like its racism," said Emma Lozano, Pueblo Sin Fronteras.
So enforcing the laws of this nation is now racist? The amusing part is the writeup that there is a curtail to immigration reform, not that people do not want amnesty which is immigration thievery.

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