Friday, October 06, 2006

Tribune fires LATIMES publisher. about damn time.

Media: I could care less about Tribune or the LA TIMES, but the one thing that irked me about a month ago was this situation.

Los Angeles Times newsrooms staffers, including many who had signed a petition just weeks ago supporting Publisher Jeff Johnson and Editor Dean Baquet's stand against more budget cuts, greeted today's announcement of Johnson's firing with sadness and concern. Although some were waiting to see what incoming publisher David Hiller of the Chicago Tribune would do, most took Johnson's forced resignation so shortly after his public stand as a sign that owner Tribune Co. would likely make the cuts that have been in the pipeline.
The second Johnson said no to the bosses order, he should have been given 15 mins to pack up and leave. Tribune is guilty of being a wuss by not doing that in the first place and getting their house in order earlier. As for Baquet who had a fall on your sword pact with Johnson if the cuts were pushed thru, he is now staying. Weak

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