Friday, October 20, 2006

Wesley Snipes in Namibian desert.

Entertainment: While Bill Zwecker fails miserably at his job as entertainment reporter, South Africa's Daily News has confirmed where Snipes is located and he is still getting into more trouble.

Wanted Wesley is in Namibia October 19, 2006 Edition 3 WINDHOEK: Wesley Snipes, wanted in the United States for alleged tax fraud, is shooting a movie in the Namibian desert. Snipes has been in Namibia for the past couple of months starring in a film called Gallo Walker. The US Attorney for the middle district of Florida, Paul Perez, said on Monday that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Perez said the whereabouts of the star were unknown. Snipes is alleged to have illegally claimed refunds of almost $12 million (about R90 million). If convicted, he could face 16 years in prison. In Namibia, Snipes has also run into trouble after his agents failed to settle his accommodation bills. - Independent Foreign Service

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