Monday, October 23, 2006

Wesley Snipes taking his time coming back.

Entertainment: 50/50 chance he becomes a citizen of Namibia.

WINDHOEK, Namibia -- Wesley Snipes will continue filming as planned in Namibia despite the U.S. warrant for his arrest on tax fraud charges, the producer of "Gallowwalker" said Monday. Joanne Reay said Snipes, who is the lead actor in the movie, was on location in the desert near the town of Swakob. Reay said Snipes had traveled to Namibia to shoot the film and not to flee U.S. justice. She said the plan was to stay until the third week in December. "As far as we understand, Wesley is not going to be arrested in Namibia," she told The Associated Press. "We are shooting and we are continuing to shoot," said Reay. "We are aware of the issue around the tax charges but we are not discussing it."

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