Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alcee Hastings meeting with Pelosi to end bid?

Politics: Trying to get out of this gracefully.

WASHINGTON — House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi will meet Tuesday with Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings, and those with knowledge of Pelosi's thinking told FOX News that Hastings will be told he is not going to be the next chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Though no formal decisions have been announced and Pelosi aides say the situation remains fluid, they suggest that the meeting at Pelosi's Capitol Hill office was requested by Hastings so he could bow out of the race before Pelosi denies him the job. "He knows he's not going to get it," said one senior House Democratic aide. "The question is why he didn't bow out long ago." In comments over the weekend, Hastings left the impression he was resigned to not receiving the chairmanship from Pelosi, due in large measure to his impeachment from the federal bench in 1989 for conspiring to accept a bribe from two convicted racketeers, and then, according to the Senate impeachment trial, lying to cover it up. Pelosi aides have been scrutinizing the House and Senate proceedings in the Hastings impeachment, FOX News has learned, and apparently don't like what they have seen. "It's ugly," said one Pelosi aide. "It's just really, really bad."
If he does bow out, the next spectacle could be how the CBC acts up about it.

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