Thursday, November 30, 2006

AP giving Al Sharpton some loving.

Nation: Regarding Sharpton taking the lead in the shooting of Sean Bell and getting access to Mayor Bloomberg comes this double take article.

The morning 23-year-old Sean Bell was shot to death by police, his grieving relatives did something that has become almost routine in such cases: They called the Rev. Al Sharpton. Within hours, the longtime civil rights activist had consoled relatives, held two news conferences, and begun organizing a community rally for the next day. Sharpton has long been a fixture on New York's left-wing scene, and has been especially vocal in his crusade against police brutality since the 1990s. But the Saturday shooting, which left Bell dead on his wedding day and wounded two other black men, is proving again how far Sharpton has come since the days he was routinely derided as a race-baiting, publicity-hungry opportunist. His rhetoric this week has been decidedly less harsh than in previous episodes, and he has been given unprecedented access to City Hall thanks to a mayor who is intent on not making the same mistakes of past administrations in dealing with racially divisive situations.
Wait, he is still a publicity-hungry opportunist, just listen to his radio show and his bits on the Tom Joyner show. The big reason why he is not race baiting is the make-up of the cops.
Sharpton again demanded answers from the police over the shooting, carried out by five officers who were white, Hispanic and black.
So the race baiting is a little iffy for him at this point. The shocking thing is that Sharpton could be the saner more reasonable around this case. As for Mayor Bloomberg and his immediate sucking up in this case, its going to haunt him in the end. The best thing for him to do was to call for investigation, talk with the family and be the mayor of NYC, not throw the cops under the bus in some sort of preemptive strike. Its going to come off as pandering.

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