Thursday, November 09, 2006

Belinda Stronach getting hit from all sides.

Canada: Ralph Klein brings the jaw dropper funny.

CALGARY — Premier Ralph Klein’s quip about Belinda Stronach at a Tuesday night charity roast where he was the main comedic course landed him in hot water Wednesday. Klein was reminiscing about how Stronach, the Conservative turned Liberal who dumped boyfriend Peter MacKay as she crossed the floor in the Commons, once roasted him. “I wasn’t surprised she crossed over — I don’t think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body,” said Klein. “Well, except for one.” Hundreds of people at the Calgary Homeless Foundation at first groaned, then later laughed. MacKay was pilloried for reportedly referring to Stronach as a dog in the House of Commons last month. Marisa Etmanski, Klein’s communications director, said she vetted Klein’s speech and thought it was in keeping with the spirit of a roast.
This guy just calls her out.
Political pundit Norman Spector refused to apologize Monday for calling Belinda Stronach a "bitch'' a remark that set off a national controversy last week. Speaking on the Bill Good Show on Vancouver radio station CKNW, Spector said "the shoe fits and she should wear it.'' Spector said "bitch'' was an appropriate description because he was using "a precise word in the English language to characterize the treacherous behaviour that she showed, and that kind of treachery should be known by the Canadian people who she wants to govern as the prime minister of Canada.'' Spector told substitute host and former B.C. politician Christy Clark that Stronach became a "bitch'' when she left the Conservatives the party of her then-boyfriend and current Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay and crossed the floor to the governing Liberals last year. At least one opposition MP called on media organizations to fire the former aide to Brian Mulroney from his current jobs as commentator on CKNW and as a columnist for The Globe and Mail. During Spector's tirade, he said "90 per cent of men would probably say she's a bitch'' for the way in which she and MacKay broke up, and allegations she broke up former NHL player Tie Domi's marriage.

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