Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Child sex scandal hits Australian NSW government.

Australia: Tim Blair will have more on this I am sure.

Sacked Labor cabinet minister Milton Orkopoulos resigned for the New South Wales Parliament today to face child sex charges. Premier Morris Iemma told reporters he had been informed by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly John Aquilina that the former Aboriginal affairs minister tendered his resignation this morning. It was effective immediately and did not involve the minister taking any leave. Mr Iemma said he had not spoken to Orkopoulos directly. Orkopolous was arrested last week and faces 30 charges, including child sex and drug offences. He has been released on bail and has said he is innocent of any wrongdoing. Mr Iemma sacked him as minister just before formal charges were laid and the Labor Party has also moved to expel him from its ranks.
He was later found slumped over in his car.
Dumped NSW Aboriginal affairs minister Milton Orkopoulos has been rushed to hospital less than a week after being charged with child sex and drug offences. Mr Orkopoulos, 49, was rushed to Newcastle's Mater Misericordiae Hospital in a serious condition after being found slumped in his car on the Pacific Highway in Charlestown about 1.45pm (AEDT) on Tuesday. While not naming Mr Orkopoulos, a NSW Police spokeswoman said a man had been taken to hospital after being found in his car in the Newcastle suburb.
Opposition is wasting no time to hit the ruling party with this.
THE Coalition in NSW will today bid to exploit the Milton Orkopoulos scandal by launching a morals-based television and newspaper advertising campaign against Labor. The campaign, featuring NSW Opposition Leader Peter Debnam, uses the word "rotten" repeatedly to press home the idea the Labor Government is morally corrupt. Mr Debnam will tell voters Premier Morris Iemma's ministers are interested exclusively in "protecting their own careers". As expected, Mr Orkopoulos, who was charged last week with 30 sexual offences against juveniles, resigned yesterday from his Hunter Valley seat of Swansea, near Newcastle. He was stripped of his party membership last week.
So Labor comes up with background checks.
CANDIDATES for the 2007 NSW state election will have to submit to strict background checks and declare any child sex charges laid against them, under proposed new laws. The planned changes follow the 30 sex and drug charges laid against dumped NSW Aboriginal affairs minister Milton Orkopoulos last week. Premier Morris Iemma said today the Government planned to introduce the strict checks for anyone standing for state parliament. Candidates would have to declare whether they had ever been convicted or charged with sex offences against a child, or had ever been the subject of Apprehended Violence Orders to protect a child, Mr Iemma said. They would also have to declare convictions or charges relating to the murder of a child. The declarations would be lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission and become a matter for public record.
I would think the record of someone killing and/or sexual abusing a child would already be in public record and not that hard to check out. I want to see the idiot who is guilty of something declaring and thinking he/she will still be able to walk around in public much less run for a seat.

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