Monday, November 06, 2006

Madonna passed up "genuine" orphans.

Culture: This gets worse for Madonna who claimed the family abandoned her new child.

THE orphanage where Madonna adopted her son has revealed that the pop star rejected seven “genuine” orphans before picking baby David. Lucy Chipeta, executive director of the Home for Hope orphanage, attempted to block the adoption of David Banda because of concerns about him being separated from his father. “Of course this was a chance for David, but he had a parent. There are other desperate children and we would have loved her to take one of them,” she said. The revelation came amid concerns that Madonna was unaware of baby David’s family background when she adopted him. Last week she claimed that his father had played no role in his life. She told BBC’s Newsnight: “That’s why I became interested in him. If somebody had said to me ‘Oh, his dad comes every week’, or ‘his granny visits on a regular basis and he’s well looked after,’ I would not even have given it another thought.” According to Chipeta, Yohane Banda used to cycle 36km to see his son up to three times a week. He took him to the Home for Hope orphanage in Mchinji after his wife Malita died days after giving birth to him. “David’s father used to visit him three times a week and sometimes even more whenever word reached him that his son was sick. He was so close to his son we had doubts that he was going to allow David to go away,” Chipeta said.

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