Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MCRI passes, opponents whine and sue

Politics: No surprise here as the Meeeechigan president vows to hold up diversity in the school

Passage of Proposal 2 makes Michigan the latest state to ban some form of affirmative action. A federal judge found a similar proposal passed in California unconstitutional, but that ruling was overturned by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Jennifer Gratz, executive director of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, could not immediately be reached for comment. Meanwhile, University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman said Wednesday afternoon she will ask the courts to let the university complete this year's admissions cycle using current guidelines. "We believe we have the right, indeed the obligation, to complete this process using our existing polices," Coleman said. "It would be unfair and wrong for us to review students' application using two different criteria, and we will ask the courts to affirm that we may finish this process using the policies we currently have in place." Coleman said she is "deeply disappointed" the voters rejected affirmative action. She believes diversity matters to the university now more than ever before. "We believe so strongly in affirmative action, we went before the United States Supreme Court to defend its use, and we prevailed," Coleman said. "Today, I pledge that we will continue that fight. We will do whatever it takes to defend diversity at the University of Michigan."
White Meeeechigan students don't care.
Donn M. Fresard, editor in chief of The Michigan Daily, which opposed the ban, said he didn’t expect major student unrest over the vote. “You are not going to see rioting on the Diag,” he said. “The average students isn’t overly upset about this, and you’d be surprised how many students support it. Especially among white students, support was pretty high.”

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