Thursday, November 30, 2006

Miami a third world country?

Nation: Absolutely, you cannot find the first class level of corruption, crime, poverty and horrendous governmental operations anywhere else in America. The places surrounding Miami are nice, the rich and famous play here. But at its core, its an area where people don't get happy if they have to go there. So this little argument between the Gov and Tancredo is amusing but it takes Time Magazine to put it all in perspective. Tancredo calls Miami "a third-world country"Denver Post, CO - Nov 28, 2006By Anne C. Mulkern. "You would never know you're in the United States of America," Tancredo said of Miami to the website WorldNetDaily ... Bush calls Tancredo's remark `naive'Miami Herald, FL - 23 hours agoBY LESLEY CLARK. That's the message Texas-born Florida Gov. Jeb Bush delivered Tuesday to fellow Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo of ... There's Trouble--Lots Of It--in Paradise -- Nov. 27 ... Restless locals call Miami a corrupt, exorbitant mess, and many are leaving.

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