Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pelosi is dumb enough to put Alcee Hastings as head.

Politics: Hey, the GOP needs a nice slow pitch to hit it out of the park, now is anyone willing to step up to do so?

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 — Her boss may want her gone, but Representative Jane Harman happens to think she is good at her job. And she has no intention of leaving it without a fight. Ms. Harman argues that her role as the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee makes her the logical candidate to become chairman when the new Congress begins in January. Representative Nancy Pelosi, the party’s leader and presumptive House speaker in the next Congress, has indicated she has other plans. The two women, both from California, have long had a frosty relationship, and Ms. Pelosi has been angry with Ms. Harman for not using her position on the Intelligence Committee to attack the Bush administration aggressively.
That says a lot about Pelosi.
The selection of Mr. Hastings, a black member of the committee, would win Ms. Pelosi support from the powerful Congressional Black Caucus. But his past could provide ammunition for Republicans: Mr. Hastings was impeached and removed by the Senate from a federal judgeship in 1989 on a bribery charge. (He was acquitted in the related criminal case.) Some leading Democrats said that choosing Mr. Hastings over Ms. Harman would send exactly the wrong message at a time when Democrats were struggling to prove their bona fides on national security. “A lot of people would be astonished,” said Leslie H. Gelb, a former president of the Council on Foreign Relations and a State Department official in the Carter administration. “I think it would send a signal that Democrats are not going to be as serious about national security as they need to be.” Representative Silvestre Reyes. Democrat of Texas and also a committee member, has emerged as a possible compromise candidate. But Ms. Pelosi has also told colleagues that she could select someone who is not currently on the committee.
Say it again that for the Congressional Black Caucus to keep pushing for Hastings is an indication they put color over common sense and values. This is the type of nonsense I expect from hustlers like Sharpton and Rev Jesse.

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