Friday, November 17, 2006

Pelosi overstepped big time with Murtha

Politics: Fudging the quote a bit from Machiavelli to make a point.

"....No prince should mind being called cruel for keeping his subjects peaceful and loyal. Punishing a few, and thus averting disorder, is better than allowing troubles to develop that will hurt many. New rulers cannot avoid seeming cruel, because their states are insecure. Still, a prince should not be too rash or too fearful. If you cannot be both loved and feared, then it is better to be feared than loved. Men are generally fickle, afraid of danger, and greedy. When a prince benefits them, they will do anything for the prince, but when trouble comes, they will desert the prince. People will break ties of love if it is to their advantage, but fear of punishment they will never transgress."
Pelosi as new Speaker of the House has to command respect and the people around her have to trust her judgement, but backing Murtha beyond just voicing her opinion, trying to strong arm the incoming freshman reps by toying with committee assigments just damaged her severly in the long run. These are the tactics used by someone who has been in that position a long time and people realize you can't harm him/her. This power trip to help an ally with bad headlines in the making was a wrong move at the wrong time. Pelosi comes out of this damaged, Hoyer comes out of this even stronger and if Pelosi keeps bumbling the house reps won't hesitate to throw her out and put him in charge. This is business, do not make it personal. As an aside, I get the feeling if people keep dogging her about this in about a week some columnist will start up "It's because she is a woman that they are going after her" column to make her critics out to be chauvinistic pigs or catty women talking behind her back because they are jealous of her position to try and boost her up.

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