Sunday, November 12, 2006

President Bush and Rove threw the elections.

Politics: I know liberals are paranoid bunch but when you have the editor of the supposed trade bible of the newpaper industry, Editor and Publisher pushing idiotic theories from another liberal blogger you are amazed at the level of paranoia.

November 11, 2006) -- He might have been kidding, but the more you read and think about it, the more it provides a plausible explanation for the wholesale White House bungling in the closing weeks of this year’s campaign: Bush and Rove blew the midterms on purpose. How else to accept that the normally hapless Democrats not only won, but as the president put it, “thumped”? Okay, even reporter/blogger Will Bunch of The Philadelphia Daily News, who concocted the idea – likening it to “The Producers” plot to engineer a flop -- revealed that he had to put on his tin foil hat first. I admit, I still don’t believe it. But the alternative view is just as chilling: that many, if not most, of our Washington-based pundits are even more out of it than we’d guessed. How else to explain their embrace of Karl Rove-as-tactical-genius for all these years? Either they were embarrassingly wrong or…as Bunch hints….maybe all too correct? Why blow the election? Go to Bunch’s blog, Attytood, for the full explanation (see link at end of this column), but it largely boils down to Iraq – and the opportunity to make this a bipartisan problem as the catastrophe worsens in the months ahead. That desire, at least, is not at all farfetched. I'm reminded of a Mike Peters editorial cartoon this week that offered a new twist on Colin Powell's "Pottery Barn" principle: It showed a broken pot, labeled Iraq, with Bush pointing to a Democratic donkey and saying, "I broke own it." Anyway, throw down a couple of tequila shots, and then, for fun and a little head-spinning, consider Bunch’s evidence for his provocative conspiracy theory. He even asks: Why were the exit polls correct this time? Surely that proves….something.

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