Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quick thought on the GOP collapse

Politics: You got what you deserved. The base and public have been telling you that you have become arrogant, pork spending, power lusting fools that were betraying Republican values and morals. The House/Senate leadership was terrible and did nothing to advance a GOP agenda that brought them to the dance like in 1994. Immigration reform was a bust because you refused to mix security and reforming how people can come here legally without pushing amnesty. Government spending out of control and a tin eared political sensibilities. The only good that comes out of this is the deserved bloodbath from leadership positions that will hopefully bring new faces to the front in both houses that remeber what the GOP stood for to get into power. It looks like John Boehner seems to get it, a bit too late. A couple of points. 1) Glad Lieberman won just because after the blackface nonsense him kicking Lamont to the curb was a joy. 2) George Allen ran a campaign that was one of the worst in recent history. He just kept shooting himself in the foot time and time again. I can see northern Virginia is becoming the People's communist republic of N.Virginia, I will give the Washington Post credit for dragging Webb across the finish line as their candidate. But he still killed himself. Nice to see Prop 87 looking to fail in California and the MCRI passed in Michigan. Karl Rove lost his touch when he took that cabinet position after 2004. He has been a failure since then and this is the result of his handiwork. Immigration "reform" championed by him and President Bush was the last straw. Rumsfeld is going to go and John Bolton will never make it back to the UN as ambassador for America. Bush better learn where that veto pen is and dust it off. This is the opportunity to see who is going to raise to the top and turn around on the Dems despite their lead in what seems to be both House and Senate to be an effective leader. What does this do on the War on Terror and fighting Islamic terrorists. I got a feeling we will be sliding towards a Euro appeasing enforcement style. Kiss you tax cuts and business friendly policies goodbye. Oil companies, Walmart, union-less businesses and industries or anyone who makes a decent wage to live comfortable in America, just call yourself host while the Dems put the parasites on you to live off as they try to make America a welfare empire. I welcome the 15-20 million newly amnested Dem voters.

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