Friday, November 10, 2006

Revenge of the DLC, ready to throw Dean out.

Politics: Considering what Clinton said here

Speaking to a packed room in Ottawa last night, Clinton said that Americans put Democrats back in control in Congress in the mid-term elections this week to send a message about the Iraq war and curtail the involvement of “special interests” in politics. But the results also had to be seen, Clinton said, as “a rejection of hard-headed, ideological politics in which people just make up their mind what the answer is and then they try to make the facts fit the answer.”… Voters also want a government that doesn’t veer too far to the right or too far to the left, he added. “They thought that the government has gone too far to the right, is too unaccountable. So what they voted for was not necessarily to legitimize the whole Democratic agenda but to give us a chance to build the vital centre of America and to get things done and come together.”
and Rahm Emanuel wanting to keep the liberal wing of the Dems quiet because he wants to push for a more "moderate" agenda, the DLC all left for dead is taking out the knives.
A PUTSCH AT THE DNC?: Some big name Democrats want to oust DNC Chairman Howard Dean, arguing that his stubborn commitment to the 50-state strategy and his stinginess with funds for House races cost the Democrats several pickup opportunities. The candidate being floated to replace Dean? Harold Ford. Says James Carville, one of the anti-Deaniacs, "Suppose Harold Ford became chairman of the DNC? How much more money do you think we could raise? Just think of the difference it could make in one day. Now probably Harold Ford wants to stay in Tennessee. I just appointed myself his campaign manager."

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